Help for new bloggers!

If you are totally new to blogging, as I am, you may find it difficult to find the information you need readily in the WordPress documentation, FAQs, etc. It’s hard to find really basic blogging concepts explained simply enough. Here are a couple of blogs I’ve found that have been extremely useful —

Very clear explanations and important advice on writing your first post, blogging etiquette and blogging jargon.

Look in the right hand sidebar under WordPress Resources — there is a link to a post called “beginner resources” which is really helpful and points you to some of the information on WordPress which is helpful as well.

On the WordPress forum — often my searches in FAQs and Documentation turned up nothing — they just don’t talk my language or my questions were too basic. I have found, however, that you can get really good help in the Forum. If your search doesn’t turn up something there, ask your question. There are some really helpful WordPress members who respond to your questions with great patience and clarity!

Feel free to add anything you’ve found in comments on this post.

I never, ever thought my blog would be about blogging, but here I am posting on it. I feel there are lots of people who would find starting blogging too difficult to even get off the ground, and these are people who would really enjoy it and have lots to say. So here’s hoping we can create an environment that is really user-friendly for those of us who are not familiar with blogging and many of internet- and computer-related terms.

Happy blogging!


Blogging Mania

Does everyone who starts blogging think about it 24/7 at first? One little step into the blogosphere and I was gone. Within an hour it was like an addiction — I thought about it all the time, everything happening in my life was accompanied by a stream-of-consciousness blogging entry. The excitement was unbearable — all the stories I’ve been wanting to tell, all the people I’d love to connect with! My creative juices started flowing overtime!

But I had to learn how! That led to yet more obsession — how can I find out what this means, how to do that? There were frerequent visits to the WordPress FAQs and forums, where I usually couldn’t even ask the right question. I couldn’t learn fast enough!

WordPress advised (somewhere in their documentation) that I take my time. Absolutely knowing that was the way to go, I was powerless to slow down whatever it was that blasted me with such force into the blogging world. If only I had my very own tech geek and expert seasoned blogger available all the time to answer my questions!

All of the things I needed to do, and even usually loved to do, became an obstacle to my overwhelming desire to blog, learn about blogging, and worse yet learn about all the wonderful webthings I’d never known about before — Digg, Flickr, Technorati and on and on.  Wow, wow, wow!

I began to fear I’d never get back to “life as usual”, and now I know I won’t, but am happy to say that there’s a bit more balance in it.  Not only do I leave the computer to do things I absolutely have to do like eat, I am getting back to my work and even things I enjoy like knitting.  My Meyer lemon tree did suffer from the freezing temperatures at night as I did not get out to buy a tarp and protect it, but it’s a fairly small consequence of this blogging mania in the overall scheme of things.

And now, I’m actually remembering that I do have some important things to do in my business today.  Will I finish this post and go straight to business, or will I view some other blogs and post some comments?  Only time (and a couple of clicks) will tell!