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If you are totally new to blogging, as I am, you may find it difficult to find the information you need readily in the WordPress documentation, FAQs, etc. It’s hard to find really basic blogging concepts explained simply enough. Here are a couple of blogs I’ve found that have been extremely useful —

Very clear explanations and important advice on writing your first post, blogging etiquette and blogging jargon.

Look in the right hand sidebar under WordPress Resources — there is a link to a post called “beginner resources” which is really helpful and points you to some of the information on WordPress which is helpful as well.

On the WordPress forum — often my searches in FAQs and Documentation turned up nothing — they just don’t talk my language or my questions were too basic. I have found, however, that you can get really good help in the Forum. If your search doesn’t turn up something there, ask your question. There are some really helpful WordPress members who respond to your questions with great patience and clarity!

Feel free to add anything you’ve found in comments on this post.

I never, ever thought my blog would be about blogging, but here I am posting on it. I feel there are lots of people who would find starting blogging too difficult to even get off the ground, and these are people who would really enjoy it and have lots to say. So here’s hoping we can create an environment that is really user-friendly for those of us who are not familiar with blogging and many of internet- and computer-related terms.

Happy blogging!


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